Hebei Risun Machinery Co.Ltd. is located in the East Changzhou Industrial Park of Hebei Province and covers an area of 33,000 square meters. Production started in September 2013. Hebei Risun successfully introduced process of Precoated Sand, Resin Sand, Cast Aluminum, Lost Foam Casting and Machining Center. Committed to bringing more value to the customers, Risun devotes efforts to product design, production process, service, cost control, overall solution as well as brand building. Its casting products are well recognized by customers in Germany, the United States, Japan and Korea etc.
Devoted to maximizing the production efficiency, Risun brought in equipments such as 1MT and 3MT Twin Furnaces, Automatic Resin Sand Treatment System, Precoated Sand Molding Machine, Automatic Feeding Machine, Sand Cleaning Machine, Heat Treatment Production Line and NCPC etc from the establishment of the facility. Risun has set up comprehensive quality control system with a professional management team as well as advanced testing equipments. The equipments include: Spectrometer, Impact Test Machine, Magnetic Particle Detector, Ultrasonic Tester, 50MT Universal Material Tester, Hardness Tester etc. Risun has successfully acquired ISO9000 Certificate and approval from various International Shipping Classification Societies.
Risun Risun now has 300 employees in China. Always aiming at satisfying customer’s increasing needs, Risun is searching and training from within various management and technical professionals to bring more vitality to the company.
We look forward to serving you with all of our efforts.

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