So just who are Katie and Maud?

They are the two special women after whom our business is named, they are its very inspiration.

Katie was Johanna’s grandmother, godmother and beloved friend.
An enlightened, creative and intelligent person, Katie found solace in crafts & reading.
She would also often find inspirational quotes, place them onto nice pictures from an old calendar and put them on walls around her house, to give pause for some thoughtful contemplation. Katie died peacefully, aged 93 on Easter Saturday night in 2014.
Maud (Mary) is Katie’s only daughter, Johanna’s aunt and dear friend.
Like her mother, Maud continuously adapts how she lives her life, always striving to learn more about life, live more positively and is a great inspiration to Johanna. She is a nurse who has futher educated herself to become a life counsellor. Maud enjoys life to its full, continuing to find ways to make her & her family’s life happier and healthier.

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