Mindful Monday moments in November with Katie+ Maud

Mindful Monday moments in November with Katie+ Maud

November means something different to each one of us. For some it’s the giddy start to Christmas; for others its remembering loved ones on All Souls Day; and for others it is trying to adjust to the short days and long nights.


Katie + Maud would like to connect with all that November makes us feel and how being a bit more mindful can help us.


So each Monday in November, we invite you to share or post a photo on our Facebook page or Instagram of your mindful moment over the past week, tagged with both hashtags #mindfulmonday #katieandmaud.


The best post will receive a prize one of our Katie + Maud mindfulness prints.


This weeks print and theme is ‘You are Perfect’ which encourages us to believe in ourselves.


Being mindful in a moment is simply checking in with yourself, acknowledging how you feel; not judging yourself; looking around you and being present in your surroundings.


Here are some ideas for your mindful moment photos this week:

  • Some place that really grounds you, makes you feel whole
  • Someone who really appreciates & loves you, exactly as you are
  • Something that makes you feel super confident – maybe something you have created?


Please remember to tag with both hashtags #mindfulmonday #katieandmaud and tell us about your photo.


We would love you to share this #mindfulmonday #katieandmaud with your friends and loved ones. As we approach the end of another year, lets be more mindful of how we can support each other.


Wishing you fun on discovering your mindful moments.


Katie + Maud



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