September Spirit

September Spirit

I love September. Back to school, crisp fresh morning air and fresh new starts

The anticipation of what lies ahead; reacquainting with friends; meeting new teachers and most significantly for many, getting back into routines. 

Routine is good. It keeps us focused and helps us achieve more out of life. Its essential when you have a very busy work and home life and are trying to fit in some precious ME time.

This September for me, really is a whole new start. My third child, my baby, happily started big school, so I now have more hours in the day that I can claim for myself.     Oh how I dreamed during the busy summer of this precious time to myself, jogging in the crisp autumn air, practicing my meditation and finally sorting through the last two years of as yet unprinted family photos. After that, I’d do some work.

Well I am a bit off track. What have I done over the past couple of weeks? I have filled those beautiful hours….with work.. So now I need to rebalance my time, in order to properly look after my wellness.

WELLFEST 2015 could not have come at a better time! From mental health awareness, to nutrition & exercise, WELLFEST has all the ingredients you need for a healthy balanced life. It’s Ireland’s first health, fitness & wellness festival and it’s a wonderful idea to combine sports, fitness techniques, yoga, mindfulness, meditation & nutrition. These areas have really grown to another level lately. Maybe this is because we have all had a tough few years, feeling the pressures of budget restraints and an overall negative atmosphere everywhere. We are by no means out of the woods but it is great to see a change in attitude and a move towards healthier lifestyles and more positive attitudes.

We were delighted to be selected to be a vendor at this festival. Our design ethos and lifestyle products are all about comforting, encouraging & inspiring people.

Our mental and physical health is our most precious asset. For me, it’s a recipe of exercise, a healthy diet, gratitude and kindness. Kindness towards myself: taking the time to exercise and meditate and generally not berating myself over what I ‘should’ be doing. Kindness to others, showing care & understanding, helping me be less reactive. Being positive and consciously grateful for our most important blessings, such as our health & precious family, can make such a difference to your outlook on life.

So this Saturday I am looking forward to being inspired to establish more balance and routine to my wellness regime and being reminded that our health comes first. Simple.

So we hope to meet you all at WELLFEST this weekend, where we can all be inspired to get some balance and routine back into our wellness regime.

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